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Note: This is the “basic” set – for “complete set” info – CLICK HERE!  

Cesaral Magic has created a revolutionary small and versatile gimmick that can create some really strong effects. The size of the gimmick is 52mm x 84mm. It is 5mm at the thickest part and just 2mm in the thinnest. (1 inch = 25mm). The gimmick fits perfectly inside a normal size wallet, inside a card box, and in many other places. You can hide it also in your pocket or on your forearm. 

The gimmick is able to detect RFID chips secretly hidden in many different objects. For example in a cardboard die, Cesaral Magic chipped poker cards (the best ones in the market), Tarot cards, envelopes etc. Once a chip is detected, it transmits the information to the magician in one or two ways: The first uses a very special set of lights to visually code the information in a way that is only seen by the magician. The second option is by a series of vibrations which the magician can feel. The vibration strength can easily be adjusted. Imagine what you can do with this! 

Detection distance: This is the distance from the gimmick to the chip and may vary according to the chip being detected.

• The chipped cards from Cesaral Magic can be detected at 70mm (1 inch = 25mm). 

• The Cardboard Die can be detected at 45mm. 

• The extra chips included (38mm x 38mm) can be detected at 100mm. 

When the distance from the gimmick to the chipped object is more than 20mm the detection surface is 52mm x 84mm (the size of the gimmick), but when the distance is less the detection surface is up to five times this area. This is really amazing and very useful. 

Running time: This depends on the operation mode, but may vary from 3 hours to several days without needing to charge the gimmick. The gimmick does not need any kind of reset and it is always ready to go. 

Materials included.It depends on the configuration you want, as follows:

 a) Basic configuration: Detection gimmick, charger, 12 small chips to make 2 cardbox dice, and 20 mid-size 38mm x 38mm chips numbered from 1 to 20.

Note:   You can easily make the hollow cardboard die(image seen at the top), with the chips included. It can be fully examined. You can also order this cardboard die already finished. You can print/draw whatever you like on each of the sides, or you can order it with a specific printout.  Price does NOT include shipping. Basic Set does “NOT” come with the wallet.

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