Cesaral Open Perceptions (Bicycle Cards, Tarot Card or Ultra Thin Cards) – extra shipping cost are required.


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NOTE: Video Demonstration Shows Rubber Stamp – it is NOT included for this price. But this is the only Video available for this effect. It is not required to perform this but can be purchased (if so desired) for an additional cost, it is used to hid the transmitter.  

SAFARI users – CLICK HERE for Video Demonstration!

The finest technology in the “World of Magic.”  This unique piece of magic is the best of its type in the world! We offer in this effect, not only the best equipment for reading and transmitting a chosen card of any and all that have come before it!  Cesar sells different variations of this effect but we think this Bicycle Version (as well as another version we offer in non-Bicycle cards, but is the thinnist chipped cards made – CLICK HERE), are the two best ways to go about it.  –  Joe Stevens

VERY CLEVER! INVISIBLE! INNOCENT!   So strong spectators will be sure you have psychic powers!

EFFECT 1 : Several members select cards and insert them into envelopes.

The magician takes one by one, the envelopes and scoops them up into a pile. Then the magician takes a piece of paper and writes the names of the cards for each spectator! IMPOSSIBLE; No, as the envelopes are opaque and no one can see through the paper envelope! It has to be super powers!

This model has a one year guarantee, if anything goes wrong and after that it can be repaired for just the costs of repairs, etc. But it is the finest electronic piece of magic in “magic world!”

Yes, it is expensive, but for what you get, you will be pleased and see the value of this powerful effect, Can be used for close up or parlor or stage.  This effect is for the distinguished discriminating performer or collector! (Cards so thin, that it’s not believable that they are “gaffed” and they are NOT marked!)

Bonus Effect – Impossible Travel: A freely chosen card, kept by an audience member hidden inside an envelope, travels to an empty envelope that has been present in the middle of the stage the whole time! Methods to do this effect ALONE sell for thousands.

Important points:

• The best chipped cards on the market are included. Done in Bicycle but other are available: Vintage 1800, Spanish Fournier, Tarot, and others.

• The magician NEVER touches the cards. He can be up to 54 yards (50 meters, or 164 feet) away from them the whole time.

• The method is original, clean, and all props look completely innocent.

• No forces are necessary.

• Great for both stage and close-up.

• Cutting edge electronics make this very easy to do, allowing you to concentrate on a presentation that will leave your audience knowing that you CONTROLLED their actions, READ their minds or SAW the future!

  • Receiver unit provided can be easily concealed

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