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The latest product from Cesaral is a multi-phased and extremely elaborate magic effect that is sure to please both performer and audience alike. Below are several routines possible. EFFECT 1: The magician displays a card case and says “I would like to do a magic trick for you…” But, when he tries to take the cards out, a big silk shoots out of the box! The magician takes it and says, “No, I want to do a magic trick with cards, not with a silk hanky”. Again he tries to take his cards out and suddenly a rope shoots out of the case. The magician takes it and says: “No, No, I just want to do a magic trick with cards, not with a hanky or a rope…”. For the third time, he tries to get his cards out of the box. This time a load of mini-cards (or confetti) appears, fired from the card box. The magician gets annoyed again and says, “OK, there they are, but I need to convert them to normal sized cards…” The magician takes a few of them and throws them inside the card box. Finally from inside the case he is able to produce a real deck of cards. EFFECT 2: The magician shows an empty card box and puts inside the cards. Shows a hank, put is inside his fist, opens it and the hank is gone. The magician takes the card box again and suddenly the hank appears flying from it. The magician does the same with confetti; it disappears, and finally appears from the card box. Finally, the magician shows a string, also disappears, and appears again inside the card box.   EFFECT 3: Can be used for “Geek Magic” as a “Card On Tongue” effect! In a specific moment of the trick, a lot of small cards appear flying from the deck, and the magician tries to catch the desired card with his mouth. The third time he tries that, the chosen card is seen at the end of his extended tongue. IMPORTANT POINTS: ·         A Big-Impact gag, a great opener for any magic routine or show. ·         Lots of presentational opportunities. ·         Endless possibilities with the three aluminum kabukis. ·         The triple kabuki can be placed in any card case, box, magic hat etc. ·         You can put many things inside (mini cards, confetti, rope, silks, and so on…) ·         Activates manually and easily. ·         Works for impromptu, close up, and stage magic.

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