Cesaral Spirit Bell – Cesaral Alonoso (Non Antique Finish)


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YOU MUST Check out the reviews of this amazing product! CLICK HERE!

Note: This item is also available in the often preferred “Antique Finish” where the bell is treated such that it look like an antique – for a reasonable charge.  Click Here for more info!

Not since we sold our exclusive Spirt Bell from TomOni many years ago have we had so many requests for this item. Performers have long searched for the perfect Spirit Bell, and are still looking for it. There are some in the market, but many are useless, not practical, or the method is not clean enough. The Cesaral Spirit Bell is the result of many years of research in this field.

The Cesaral Spirit Bell can be used for every type of performance seances, mentalism, bizarre magic, and even comedy magic. You can use it in Question & Answer routines, as a Lie Detector, and as a communicator with lost loved ones. The possibilities are endless!

Important points:
• New self working method to make the Bell ring at the exact moment needed.
• The audience member holds the bell. The performer is far away.
• Clear, real…, good and loud bell ring.
• Can be done anywhere, and surrounded.
• You can make yourself the bell to look old if you want You can also order it from Cesaral Magic. See the next picture.
• Real time electronically controlled more than 50 feet by you.
• No need for assistants as this is a one-man effect!

Please Note: Fulfillment can take from 2-6 weeks.  Price DOES NOT include “full” shipping.  All units are sent from Spain.   This PRODUCT MUST be shipped via Fed Ex Only.  We will contact you post purchase with this additional shipping costs (estimated to be approx. $48)

OPTIONAL : There is an ADDITIONAL COST if you want the bell to look “antiquated.”  This process is very detailed and labor intensive – but to me personally – essential.    Also: there is an optional “additional” remote control unit for the bell available – contact Mark for more details.

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