Chair Suspension Deluxe – STEEL – Enhanced and Inspected


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Only One Unit Available!  The two rough images are of the ACTUAL unit being offered. 

This unit has been PERSONALLY inspected and enhanced by Stevens Magic.  Unfortunately too often these units are made without attention to quality control but we have personally enhanced this deluxe unit so you know that what your getting is good.  Don’t take your chances by ordering a unit that has not been pre-inspected by a third party and then enhanced for better security.  Order THIS unit and know what you’re getting.  

For years we have had request for a quality levitation that could be performed for both children and adults alike.  This new deluxe option provides you the flexibility to do just that with it’s new design featuring reinforced steel chairs and gimmick too!

  • NO assistant is required, an audience member can be used.
  • Perform completely surrounded clear of back-drops or drapes!
  • 2 Chairs are set face to face, with a long wood board on top.
  • A person lays on the board and is briefly covered with a cloth.
  • You remove the chair supporting their feet, they are SUSPENDED!
  • Wave below them, there’s nothing to find!
  • The Magician then removes the board that the helper is laying on!

Put the board & chair back to support their feet, all is fine now.
The spectator goes back to their seat.

  • Performer may walk ENTIRELY AWAY while person is suspended
  • A one-person illusion requiring NO assistants
  • Up and running with a minimum of rehearsal
  • Use ANYONE up to 120 pounds!
  • Chairs and gimmick are reinforced with steel for a stronger base
  • Chairs are standard commercial quality folding chairs
  • The board measures 45 inches long and 13 wide
  • The Covering cloth is 43 by 53 inches
  • The support on which the “floater” rests has been made extra large for a feeling of stability
  • Support board measures 10 1/2 by 36 inches

This lightweight mystery packs flat and can be shipped or transported anywhere in the world.

NOTE: This price does NOT include full shipping.  Cloth for this unit is NOT Red, but comes with Green Cloth which can easily be replaced if so desired.


Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 22 × 11 in

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