Chamber Of The High Priest – Thomas Pohle

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This is what Indian Jones was really searching for! But you don’t have to trek dangerous territory to procure it… That stated, they are not easy to come by as each one is made by hand with meticulous details. This item hasn’t been available for over twenty years and now here is the 2015 edition. As with all of Thomas Pohle’s effects, they have the look of enticement, but this piece is spectacular.

A visually stunning transposition effect carried out in the perfect style and aura you would expect from Thomas Pohle. The story lines can be easily romanticized. The brilliant decorative piece is one you really will treasure – no pun intended. Elegant, refined and baffling – this is micro magic at its best.

Sample Effect: Performer opens an Egyptian style box and then slides off the lid revealing an untombed ordinate sarcophagus. Inside lies two hexagonal shaped housings with colored scarabs caps – one blue and one red. He removes the blue scarab top and places an elegant ring inside the now empty hexagon shape area, and then replaces the blue scarab top firmly, thus securing the ring inside. Next he slides the tomb slate back on top of the sarcophagus and then takes the ordinate gold cover and further seals it, deep inside.

Now the magician picks up the entire piece and turns the unit in a circular fashion up in the air, and then sets it back down on the table.  Next he slides the tomb slate off again and opens up the blue Scarab cap to find the previously secured ring has vanished! The magician then opens up the red Scarab cap (which has never been touched) to find the ring has transposed in time and dimension there. This is truly a remarkable feat of ancient magic.

Note: Images used with permission from Andy MartinMartin’s Magic.   Or access The Magic of Thomas Pohle

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