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Free with any purchase of $40 or more – while supplies last!  Easy to perform, visual ice-breaking magic is worth its weight in gold, for any performer that has experience. Here is a fun effect that you can tack on for FREE if your order is minimum $40 or more. 

Four cards are show face-up, then one-at-a-time, each care is seen to magically turn face-down, and then face-up again… Although four regular backs have been seen the backs change to have four different backs on them as well!  And alternative handling will also enable you to cause the backs to change from red to blue before changing them to completely different backs all-together!

Effect comes with all the cards/props required as well as a detailed printed instructional with sequence images and illustrations.

Disclaimer: Only one free product per order is allowed irrespective of different dollar amount required to be eligible for free products, as sometimes we have several different free product offerings with minimum purchases.

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