Charlie Miller & Johnny Thompson, Volume 29 GMVL (DVD)


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Imagine a fun-filled hour spent with two legendary magicians. Time passes quickly as they demonstrate new inventions, recreate time-honored classics and share stories which have shaped magic’s history

Part I – International Cups and Balls
Charlie Miller Cups and Balls Routines
Hindu Cups*
Chinese Cups and Balls

Part II – Egg Bag Segment

Discussion of construction and handling techniques of the Malini Egg Bag
Complete Charlie Miller Egg Bag Routine
Johnny Thompson version of Miller/Malini Egg Bag routine

Part III – Cards

Johnny Thompson’s Audley Walsh Dream Deck Routine
World-Famous, Charlie Miller Up the Ladder, Pull-Out Shuffle*
Dai Vernon’s “One Helluva Card Trick” performed by Johnny Thompson (performance only)
* First time explained on DVD

Running Time Approximately 1hr 6min

GMVL  Greater Magic Video Libary

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