Charlie Miller, Volume 17 – GMVL (DVD)


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“It’s indeed a pleasure to be able to instruct the serious student of magic through this wonderful new medium.” – Charlie Miller

His trademark is a simple repetition of his name. Charlie Miller… Charlie Miller… Charlie Miller. But those two words conjure an image of a man who’s far from simple. He’s known for clever close-up, stand-up and stage magic; for his role as author, lecturer and inspirer. Confidant to Vernon and Tomsoni, Charlie’s devoted his life to enhancing the magic profession and the profession’s much better off for it.

Magical Classics

Performance Only

  • Miser’s Dream
  • Rice Bowls
  • Chinese Sticks

Performance and Explanations

  • Ring and Rope
  • Card Trick
  • Torn and Restored Card
  • Malini’s Knives
  • Dissolving Knots

Running Time Approximately 53min

GMVL – Greater Magic Video Library

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