Charlie Miller, Volume 18 GMVL (DVD)


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He walks on stage…flashes that pixieish grin and you’re intrigued. But you’re really hooked when he does the Malini Egg Bag and the Mutilated Parasol. Suddenly that impish charm has outwitted you. Charlie prefers to call it trickery, instead of magic, but no matter what its name, this affable gentleman has recreated bits and pieces of Malini, Hoffman and Erdnase into his own style that’s sure to win you over. Some of the “Spirited Trickery” shown: • Four Deuce Trick • Balls in Net • Hanky Knots

“It’s indeed a pleasure to be able to instruct the serious student of magic through this wonderful new medium.” – Charlie Miller

This “winning people over” started early for Charlie. At age seven his parents took a liking to his sleight of hand. From there his talent earned him shows during the Depression – where his $5 fee was considered a lot of money – performing shows on both sides of this continent and abroad. Today we are still able to witness his charm on both of his DVDs.

Spirited Trickery

  • Performance Only
  • Paper Mystery
  • Mutilated Parasol
  • Malini Egg Bag
  • Performance and Explanations
  • Four Deuce Trick
  • Floating Pencil
  • Hanky Knots
  • Balls in Net
  • Hat Trick

Running Time Approximately 49min

GMVL Greater Magic Video Library

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