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Hand Crafted by Louie Gaynor – Each unit Stamped – LUE Special Thanks to Derrek Kennedy at Magic ETC., Fort Worth, Texas for allowing us to use the performance video shot in his shop. Please note: The unit we are selling is NOT a Mikame, it’s crafted from Louie Gaynor.

A GREAT OLD CLASSIC – RE-DONE! Revived in bright Candy colors. Now larger to be more visable. Wonderful for stage or parlor. Great routine with audience involvement and entertainment!

EFFECT: The “Magi” shows a long piece of rope and four large wooden colorful checkers. These checkers have a hole in the center of each one. Any one of the colorful checkers can be selected by the audience helper and threaded onto the cord while the remaining three checkers are slipped over the cord and tied in place, making somewhat of a large candy-colored necklace. The rope and checkers are placed over the magicians neck for a moment, and the volunteer is asked to remove any of the checkers – He can not do this!

The checker necklace is now placed over the head of the spectator and hung down their back. It is IMPOSSIBLE for any of the checkers “slipped on” to be removed from the cord! The first checker blocks one end of the cord and the spectator’s neck blocks the other end of the cord.

Yet in the blink of an eye, the magician can hand the spectator the three slipped-on checkers. And one at a time they have been removed from the cord while hanging around the spectator’s neck!
This effect could well be called a classic as it has stood the “test of time” for professional entertainment!

• 100% Examinable
• High Gloss Paint
• Checkers are 4” in diameter and 3/4″ wide – larger and more visible than most previous versions.
• Excellent for children & adult shows!
• Audience participation and interaction
• Very visible!
• Easy to perform!
• Includes custom crafted wood base (5″ x 5″ x 5″) with “Lue” embossed on the base.

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