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Comedy and magic are perfect partners and this has the benefits of both. Effect: The magician displays a rolled up poster which features a color image of a chicken. The performer rolls up the poster and then turns it around to open it again to make sure the audience sees “both” sides of the poster. There is nothing there except the colorful image of the chicken.

The magicians again rolls up the poster, after having show clearly and slowly both sides of it. But magically the magician make a magical gesture and from the previously shows empty poster now comes an egg! A chickens egg How can that be? The magician once again opens up the poster slowly and clearly shows it to the audience! And then again rolls it up and opens the other side – every part of the color poster is exposed and shown to the audience and all that is seen again is the colorful image of the chicken.

But yet again the magician then reaches into the rolled up poster and produces yet another chicken’s egg! This is the 2nd egg that has been produced from air! It is truly an magical and visual treat! But it doesn’t stop there! That’s right – the magician can again, of so desire open the poster a third time showing there is NOTHING inside the rolled up poster. But sure enough after the poster has for the 3rd time been shown front and back to the audience members and yet upon closing the poster again – another 3rd egg is produced!

But like all great magic – there has to be a finale! And in this example – after the production of three eggs, the poster is rolled up a final time. However, when the poster is unrolled for the fourth time – there is a personal message from the Magic Chicken – reading – THANK YOU!

Who need real chickens when you can have this magical egg producing effect there eggs appear from thin air! This effect plays well for many different audiences and as you can imagine would play exceptionally well at a theme party or at country fairs etc. Manufactured from our friends in Nagoya, Japan. The item delivers high-impact visual quality magic for a great price.

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