Chinese Sticks – Teach In Series GMVL (DVD)


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This is the seventh volume in the Greater Magic Video Library Teach In Series. This is another classic of magic. Get your set out of the closet, or drawer and learn from the Pros how entertaining they can be! Six different routines by five performers. These performers will demonstrate their routines and methods that they use in their entertainment repertoires. You will enjoy Howard Hale’s versions based on the Fred Kaps original routine. Pete Biro will give use two different routines with comedy bits. Aldo Colombini will make you laugh with his funny routine and patter. Joe Stevens will show you the routine that he uses in every show he does. And finally, to close the video, enjoy Charlie Miller and his ventage routine that he used for years. There is a saying in the world of magic, that if one learns and performs the classics of magic, they will always have an entertaining act. The Chinese Sticks is certainly one of the classics that has stood the test of magic times. Featured Chinese Stick Performers are Howard Hale, Aldo Colomini, Pete Biro, Joe Stevens and Charlie Miller.

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