Chip Tricks (Ferguson) (DVD)


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A great item from Rich Ferguson. We all know the popularity of Poker these days. Magicians are getting “gigs” as Poker Dealers’ extraordinaire entertaining with card effects in between deals. But now, you can entertain with the power of two – using poker chips as well as cards! Multiple Business and Entertainment Award Winner Rich Ferguson is known around the world for this originality and unique approach to cards, chips and more. This DVD is packed with 20 of the hottest stunts and tricks you have seen on the television or at a poker game – all explained in detail by Rich. Also included are two tricks by Rich that have never been revealed to the public – until NOW! This DVD only teaches moves with Chips – but what moves it teaches. Included are: * Chip Shuffling * Pull Over * Butterfly * Chip Production Hidden Chip Bet * Front to Back Flip * Twirl * Twirl Reversed * Anti-Gravity * Thumb Reversed Anti-Gravity * Thumb Flip * Knuckle Roll Return Chip Rolling * Chip Spread * Sweep * Bounce Stack and more!

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