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Considered by many to be the best quality chop cup created, this Gold Chop Cup is not spun, but computer machine cut from a solid hunk of brass stock. They look like gold and ring like bells when tapped with a wand. Each cup is perfect and identical in balance and weight (6.4-oz). The strength is perfect, and calculated with precision and care as you will see. Set is complete with crochet balls and velvet black bag. This is a chop cup you will treasure for years to come.

Weighing in at nearly half a pound the Chop Cup is spectacular. If you already own the JP Cups & Balls you will be delighted to know that this is made to the exact dimensions as their Cups & Balls. The simplicity of a Chop Cup routine makes it one of the most entertaining and fascinatiing close-up routines you can perform. This is truely a piece of apparatus you will cherish. The Chop Cup matches the Cups & Balls.

For those that dare to dream – and some of our clients have turned this dream into reality – consider purchasing three of the Johnson Chop Cup. Imagine the ultimate set of “Cups and Balls” and this is it – all the cups serve double-duty as a chop cup too and they all stack perfectly.  If you really love the cups and balls – it makes sense. Contact Mark Stevens for more details.

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