Chris & Neal – Magic Masters Summit – DVD


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How To Make Six-Figures A Year Performing Kid Shows!

Stevens Magic Exclusive! Chris and Neal are Carolina’s most popular magicians, and they absolutely have turned their passion into a 6 figure annual income performing kid shows. While they are accomplished performers for any venue in this Magic Masters Summit DVD, hosted by Dave Womach, they dive right into how they have made BIG Money concentrating on the kid show market. They will educate you about how being a good magician and performer is just “one” of many hats you have to wear. This DVD is essential for anyone considering amplifying their show to the next level. As is the case for all these incredible features from the Magic Masters Series of 2016 – Dave Womach serves as host, where he not only asks the questions we would, he also provides additional 14K Gold advice and information from his professional experiences.

You are left with an incredible bargain (regardless of which Magic Masters Summit DVD you buy).

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