Christmas Magic & Winter Holiday Magic – Hardbound


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Hardcover Version of the Biggest, Best Book of Christmas Magic Ever!

Kleefeld does Christmas like nobody else!  He has spent thousands of hours and many years putting together this incredible show – so you don’t have to!  If any of you are familiar with Jim’s work, you know the tremendous value you get with any of his products.  Jim banks big bucks every holiday season performing this very program – and you can too!   This venue will play equally well and can be adapted for those that enjoy traditional Christmas, as well as those that want a Winter Holiday Program!

At last, a great book filled with tricks, routines and presentations for Christmas and Winter Holiday magic shows. A genuine HARDBACK printed book, fully illustrated, with over 60 routines with Santa, Rudolph, Snowmen, Gingerbread Houses, Candy Canes, Trees, Ornaments, Dreidels, and more. Make carrots magically multiply for Santa’s Reindeer. Make a penguin or snowflake disappear. Show how Santa goes into chimneys through an appearing window. Play Hide and Seek with a Santa picture. Turn a scrambled message into either “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” Make Santa’s Sleigh magically appear in the empty night sky. Lots of tricks you can easily make up for non-Christmas Winter Holiday shows or Christmas-themed shows. Routines for standard props, ideas and reviews of commercial props, resources for props and embellishments, and more.

Tons of original art files and fonts on the included disc so you can make your own props with a simple home printer. An entire section with resources. An entire section with winter and Christmas jokes. A huge section displaying all of the dozens of Christmas, winter and Hanukkah fonts that are included on the disc. You get BOTH the printed HARDBOUND book AND the Art Disc for one price. Read the printed version or the PDF version included on the disc. Christmas Magic & Winter Holiday Magic is chock full of great new ideas and original tricks and routines that are as much fun to read as they are to perform. Christmas Magic HARDBOUND Book & CD Art File.

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