CIA Chop Cup Routine – DECLASSIFIED – Brian Watson


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After several years and even more applications using the Freedom of Information Act., Case Number #000031273X.M, we are happy to say we finally wore down Brian Watson and he has relented to providing us and ergo – YOU, the fully un-redacted version of his CIA Chop Cup Routine. CIA in this case stands for: Creating Incredible Astonishment. In an effort to illustrate this difficult process we had obtaining this secret information we have provided you with a supplmental image, which is shows the first attempt we made with Brian asking him to give up the goods on this heavily anticipated report.  That image you will see, shows just how protective Brian was in preventing us from getting ahold of his secrets.  I mean, we’re all familiar with the phrase a good magician never shares his secrets – but even amoung other magicians – BRI takes this very seriously.  And this was just one page of the 70 page booklet – all the other pages were identical.  Save for the fact on some of the pages he did “not” black out the page numbers, and there appeared to be some ketchup on some of the pages.

None-the-less, Stevens Magic Emporium is very proud to finally proivde for you this original content for Brian Watson’s C.I.A. Routine – DECLASSIFIED 

The worlds first and only chop cup routine in which 2 genuine, full size tennis balls appear completely in the spectators hands. Both final loads appear in the cup while the spectator is holding it and they are felt to have arrived by the spectator! This book is chock full of images and additional references.

Included are just some of the contents contained within this 70 page hard-copy booklet.

  • The Effect
  • Standing or Sitting?
  • In Their Hands
  • The Cup and Final Loads
  • The Working Balls
  • Adjustable Balls
  • The Purpose of the Working Ball Sequence
  • The Perfect Ball Holder
  • How to Best Learn the Routine
  • The Left Handed Magician
  • Set Up
  • Phases 1 through 5.
  • The Script
  • Presentation and Script
  • Closing Thoughts

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