Classic Chop Cup Teach In Series GMVL (DVD)


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FROM THE GREATER MAGIC VIDEO LIBRARY (GMVL)! The 13th volume of the Greater Magic Video Library, teach in series. This DVD spotlights a magical classic and gives an in-depth view of the popular effect ”The Chop Cup.” Most all magicians in the world have a chop cup, but only a few have mastered the effect to its fullest! Shown on the Teach-In are:

  • Larry Jennings
  • Don Alan
  • Martin Lewis
  • Brad Burt

The Most Professional Teach-In On This Classic Of Magic Produced! The Chop Cup Used By Professionals World Wide! Never Fails To Entertain & Amaze! Four Performers Reveal Their Secret Routines & Explain In Detail! Larry Jennings (a disciple of Dai Vernons natural magic sleights and moves), performs and teaches his legendary routine that Ken Brooke called, The Greatest Chop Cup Routine he ever saw …and used it himself! Larrys routines are pure and simple and you will relish his movements and handling! Courtesy of Pierre Mayer of Paris, France.

Don Alan, whose routine is probably the most renowned of all and Don made it his signature effect, for his close-up performances! (Enough said!) Martin Lewis – you will love his original, cleverly entertaining performance! Quick, effective, high energy and entertaining! And IF you want to make your own Chop Cup, Martin will teach you how to make the one he uses, out of a Green Giant can of peas! And you will laugh at his closing gag with the two final load balls! (So good you will use it yourself!) Brad Burts passion for the arts of magic makes him an excellent teacher and you will see his patience in teaching some of the sleights, moves, misdirection and techniques used in a good Chop Cup routine. These four professional artists gladly teach their private routines for all to learn and use! Add this to your library for present and future use!

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