Classic Magic Index (Volume 7) – 1986 – Doc Albo

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While this book does serve as an index to the first 7 volumes of the series, it also has quite a bit new content as well. It starts with a section on the Magic of Jon Martin which includes, some articles as well as some in depth coverage of the rapping hand. “Parasols and Canes” is the next section, which discusses favorites mutilated parasol and the dancing cane. “Micro Magic” is a discussion on various small creations from masters such as Eddy Taytelbaum. “Dizzy Domino’s”, ”The Mummy”, “Figures of Foo”, and “Taytelbomb” are just a few of them. The chapter on illusions focuses mostly of stage size apparatus of Thayer and a few other makers. “Odd and Ends” is another grab bag of tricks which includes Haenchen’s “Haunted Hut of Madagaskia”, Peerless Block Mystery, Brema Rice Bowls and more. The color section has 32 pages including magician letterheads and the apparatus and illusions feature in the preceding sections.

There are 11 books in this series which all adorn red hard bound covers and clear plastic mylar jackets (except for volume 8 which was a binder supplement). These books all feature a color section which shows the beautiful magic apparatus, posters, and illusions of the past. There are also a number of supplemental books including 2 bound supplements which are part of Volume 8 and Laboratories of Legerdemain, which were later republished with added material as Volume 11.

These books serve to provide information to collectors, builders, and historians of magic. The books have all been issued individually with the exception of volumes 6,7, and 8 which were issued as a set which included a box for all 8 volumes. It is apparent that at the time these were intended to be the final volumes, however, volumes 9 through 11 have been subsequently issued as well. A smaller, sturdier box was issued to house Volumes 9 and 10 and supplements. I suppose one could conclude that the Classic Magic with Apparatus is complete as the newer projects Ultimate Okito, Ultimate Okito Addendum, and Ultimate Thayer are being issued in a distinctly different green cloth.

These books have a wealth of information including the classics of magic apparatus with line drawings and color photographs showing different versions of the effects produced by various magic companies world-wide.

Source Credit: Thanks to our good friend Domenico Dante (FISM International President), for giving us permission to use partial or complete ad copy from his website for this item.

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