Classic Palming With Coins (McClintock) (DVD)


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CONQUER THE CLASSIC PALM   In 1584, Reginald Scott stated the importance of the classic palm: “He that hath once attained to the facilities of retaining one piece of money in his right hand, may show a hundredth pleasant concepts by that means, and reserve two or three as well as one.”   Four centuries later, modern master David Roth teaches that the classic palm is still the equivalent of having “an invisible extra thumb”–an invisible technique that renders objects in your hand undetectable. And now there is a training guide that puts this ancient secret into your hands. Convert your hands into “Cloaking Devices”.  Reed “Knucklebusters” McClintock developed this revolutionary approach as he mastered the classic palm for his own professional use. He guides you through the entire process, making sure you understand the reason behind each step. Curtis “Palms of Steel” Kam interviews Reed, further unlocking the secrets of the McClintock System. Reed McClintock won the MVP at the legendary 2005 FFFF Convention, and one of the basic weapons in his arsenal was his masterful handling of multiple coins. How can you possibly learn this advanced technique? Easy! At least it is now! Learn the hardest part of technical coin magic, palming WITHOUT the tells! Finally there is now a training guide that puts this ancient secret into the palm of your hands.   CHAPTERS INCLUDE…   Intro and interview with Curtis Kam, The solid coin concept, Multiple palming, Various size coins, Angles, Producing coins, Look mom, both hands, The muscle pass,   PLUS –   Flashing/Moist & dry hands, Flow and control, Learning from Bobo,   BONUS FEATURES INCLUDE:   Up close Miser’s Dream, Steve Dobson Performs!, Classic palming trivia game, Coming attractions

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