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FREE HotRod Pen with purchase! Reviewed by our own Shawn Reida – IN HOUSE – “A very clever and different principle that really packs a strong impact!”

Clear Mystery – The magician introduces a puzzle that is fully assembled by pulling it from the drawer box.  It features several acrylic puzzle pieces. He throws them on a table, mixes them up and then solves the puzzle piece-by-piece. However, when the puzzle is completed, another piece appears that wasn’t factored in?  What now?  The magician adds the additional piece, and SOLVES the puzzle again -with the extra piece!  He acts impressed until he realizes yet a 2nd piece that wasn’t included.  This is the 2nd time an additional piece has been entered into the equation.  None-the-less, the magician SOLVES the puzzle again! Even more remarkaly he can put the pieces complete back in the drawer box.You can even show the box to the audience for inspection — it CAN’T be enlarged or reduced!
  • No magnet
  • All done in front of the audience
  • Easy to do
  • Building blocks can be inspected by the audience
  • The box can be checked by the audience
  • Quick reset
  • 360 degree onlookers

You will receive a complete set of acrylic building blocks + collection boxes + complete and detailed online teaching. After receiving them, you can start performing soon after practicing.


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