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Fastest Sell Out at SME in years!  You may routine your performance from 70-seconds to 7 minutes – depending on your audience.


Simple, strong, versatile, effective and to the point. A sure to be classic. I will use this!” – Banachek

“Simple and clever. Great!” – Ted Karmilovich

A miracle that fits into your pocket! My kind of Mentalism! Clean, direct and simple and absolutely explosive with the beauty regards to the different ways to execute! – Charles Gauci

 Interactive, engaging – start and end clean and if desired performed blindfolded? I see a myriad of mind-blowing routines such as having only 3 spectators choose a key and making the one not chosen revealed by a sealed envelope.  Classically brilliant! – Neal Scryer

”This is mentalism in its purest form and and right up my alley. Everything is so fair and direct! Simple, powerful and practical mentalism for stage and close-up performances. Numerous presentation options. I love this!” – Dennis Hermanzo

This effect can be performed with the assistance of 1, 2, 3 or 4 spectators, the size of your audience may vary. Described effect incorporates four spectators, it may also be performed with one, two, or three spectators As well. Your audience size may also vary.

The performer introduces a clear lucite block with a felt bottom, the lucite block is seen to hold four different colored metal keys, all laid out flat (colors may vary), one each of RED, GREEN, ORANGE and BLUE, the keys are held in place by a single loose silicone band looped around the Center of the Lucite block. Four spectators are now called upon to assist the performer, the 1st spectator is handed the four colored keys which are removed from the Lucite block, the performer then points out that the Lucite block contains four small slots the width of each key, the slots are seen to completely penetrate the entire thickness of the Lucite block, from its top to its bottom, each slot being positioned underneath where each key was Originally seen laid out flat in the block.

The Lucite block is now handed to a single audience member who is instructed to insert the colored keys randomly into any slot of their choice, resulting in all of the keys completely penetrating “in their upright position” the Lucite block (top to bottom), the performer then takes the Lucite block And points to the Penetrating keys and says: Don’t let me influence your future selections in any way!

Now one at a time, each of the four audience members in turn is handed the Lucite block and requested (with the performers back now turned to the audience) to completely remove a single colored key from the block (being a color not yet chosen by a fellow audience member) and freely display it for all to see (except the performer), once being shown it is to be returned to The same blocks slot from which it was just removed. Resulting in only the Audience members knowing what has just occurred with the colored keys.

Video shows 7 minute performance but alternative variations of this effect can also be performed in approx. one minute.

The performer now turns and faces the audience members and retrieves the Lucite block from them with it’s penetrating keys, he then removes all the Keys from it. The four audience members are now instructed to turn their backs to the performer and to place a single palm upright open hand behind their backs (this hand will be facing the performer), the performer then places a single colored key into each of the spectator’s palm open hands, once the spectators feel the key placed into their hand they are instructed to close the hand and make a fist with it, the four spectators are then instructed to turn around and face the performer with their now closed fist In front of their body, the performer now states: I HAVE NO IDEA WHICH OF YOU PICKED WHAT COLORED KEY, then one by one, each of the four spectators are instructed to name the colored key they had previously selected and to open their hands, when they do so each of them is seen to hold in their hand, THEY’RE PREVIOUSLY SELECTED COLOR KEY!

  • Keys, Band and Clear Block do the work for the performer, you only have to deliver your presentation.
  • Nothing is added or taken away. Everything can be examined.
  • No forcing, fishing for information or stooges, can be performed blind folded.
  • No magnets, electronics, sleights or mechanics to fail, easy to perform, nothing is gaffed or gimmicked.
  • Totally Impromptu, no preparation required, perform it any time anywhere even surrounded.

Performance Venue’s – UNLIMITED:

  • Close Up – Table Hopping – Street Magic
  • Parlor and intimate settings
  • Stage:

You receive Buma’s original custom crafted clear lucite block which measures 3 1/8” x 2 5/8” x 1/2”, four different Anodized all metal key blanks, a silicone band and Buma’s original instruction – presentation sheets.

“As magician’s we are always looking for that, ‘packs small plays big’, that effect that allows you to concentrate on the presentation, well this is it. A small effect you can carry in your pocket yet can fill a stage, or smaller venues. It allows great audience participation with up to (as it can be performed for just one if desired) four people involved. Simple, strong, versatile, effective and to the point. A sure to be classic. I will use this!” – Banachek

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2 reviews for Clever Keys – Buma

  1. buy (verified owner)

    Great item. I thoroughly enjoy performing this. It’s as easy as the video. Easy to carry and reset as well.

    You will be happy you purchased this. If you like what you see in the video this is exactly what you will be able to do with clever key.

  2. BrandonKirkNewsom (verified owner)

    A very unique piece of Magic!

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