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Rokknot is SME fabricator extraordinare and he is OCD!  This is the guy you want to make things for you – trust us! 

A classic from the past! Always a winner! Fools everyone! And now, it’s available again through Stevens Magic. A hard to beat effect for stand-up or stage. Harlan Tarbell saw Ching Ling Foo performs this effect in 1904 and went home and finally solved the mystery of how to do it! Basic effect is mind-blowing!

Magician takes a strip of newspaper and using sharp scissors, cuts the newspaper into two pieces. They are incontrovertibly separate as he holds one in each hand—some distance apart! He places the two pieces together—one on top of each other—and cuts across them both with the scissors. He lifts one edge of the paper to hold up a single piece—apparently seamlessly RESTORED! A very impressive magical effect.

CLIPPO - Paper Magic

Audience actually see the scissors cut through the paper! The restoration is completely mystifying. A real mind-boggling effect! This was a hit for Harry Blackstone Sr (shown in the photo above) as he used it in front of the curtain. It can be a hit for you in any performance. Excellent for all types of audiences and perfect for emcee work. Comes complete with all you need
to do this outstanding effect (each strip can be used several times!)

We did the work for you! And for those of you who know what it’s like creating these you’ll understand even more.  Each strip has been treated completely, not just a few inches towards the top like some are.  Every area of the strips are treated.  In house fabricators pay attention to meticulous detail in choosing the materials and best type of paper to be used.

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