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Close Up Case – Viktor Voitko

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Close Up Performers Case. This is a very nice accessory for those of you who are looking for an easy way to get double-duty! Defined as a case that they can easily carry light-weight and a limited amount of props, but also in fact can use that same case as a performance pad!


  • Each of these cases has been fitted with a black felt top – which is paramount to a close up pad.
  • The black felt is also lined “inside” the cases on both top and bottom internal.
  • Wings have been added to both sides, allowing you the performer to have reasonable cover when you are going into and out of the case to get your props. Very well thought-out when you think about it.

You can imagine filling it with your favorite table-hopping, close up magic effect and then just like SUPERMAN, when you get the call, you grab your ready to go case and your off! Note there are some MINOR cosmetic issues with these cases that make them less than perfect. This is only noticed in where the black felt has been cut on the top of the units. That stated, each unit is full-functional, and we are talking “minimal” issues, but in the interest of being, The Most Trusted Name in Magic – we want to be transparent. That is also why the price is $15.00 less. Repeat: NONE of these issues are severe in any way, if even noticeable!

Case measurements are: 17” x 12” x 2”

Limited Supplies of this item are available.

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