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Close Up Magic For You! Pete Biro has done it again! He’s written the 14th volume of his set of books. This one is titled, Close-Up Magic 4 U.  It is packed with some of his handling of classics as well as some new stuff.

In the 1970s, Frances Carlyle moved to California and taught Pete some strong magic. He’s included a twist on Don Alan’s Big Deal and his laydown for McDonald’s Aces. A simple way to do the Haunted Pack with a borrowed deck, and his newest creation, a routine with a Demitasse Cup and a restaurant Creamer that all those that have seen it rave about. Material from bar magician that impressed Dai Vernon and Larry Jennings is included as well as a bonus card revelation from Eric Jones that he used to close his show at the Magic Castle.

  • Emile Clifton’s McDonald’s Aces
  • Koornwinder Kard Kontrol
  • Hofzinser Revisited
  • Max Malini Outwaited!
  • Poor Man’s Ring Pull
  • Caryle/Collins Four Aces Trick
  • Caryle’s Million Dollar Transposition
  • Bullet Catch Not
  • Where Credit is Due
  • Working Without A Net
  • Esoteric Junior
  • My Pinch Coin Vanish/Switch
  • My Cups and Balls Final Thinking
  • Stabbed In The Pack
  • Frank Shields Remembered

Includes 24 pages.

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