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Note: This is the 24″ x 18″ Large BURGUNDY Model.

Designed for magicians by magicians. Finally, a quality close-up pad that is portable and easily transferable. From one gig to the next, you can quickly and easily go from one show to the next. In fact, you can even “table hop” with one of these pads! Try picking up the rigid and extended pad even with some props still on it and move it from one table to the next—no problem!

This bifold design is very nice because it keeps things very simple and allows the performer to fold it out like a book and go to business with the performance. Even better, it makes for easy breakdown by folding the pad back in its protective position in between shows. This means your performance area and pad are protected and not exposed when pad is not in use.

These pads are designed to solve a lot of problems with the current versions on the market. It’s high-quality construction all the way. It features a sturdy design and quality materials and at the risk of being redundant—was designed by magicians for magicians in every manner. Crafted with suede leather and high-quality fabrics… it has the feel of quality.

It also features a better degree of “cushion” than other pads, which helps provide a more visual pop for some coin effects and aids in performing some sleights. These pads are available in two sizes and two colors. External surface is easily cleanable and water resistant!

This is the Large 24 x 18 inch inch model.  Also available is a Large model at 18 x 12 inches.  Colors available are burgundy and black.

Note: Subject to inventory – there is also a large model of this product 18″ x 12″ – see bottom of page.

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1 review for Close Up Pad Bifold Deluxe Large – BURGUNDY

  1. b.pearce.j (verified owner)

    I just received my close up and could tell immediately that it was a quality item. The photos do not do it justice, the material is a rich burgundy colored velvet like material. It is also quite sturdy. When it’s folded, it protects it against any hair or dirt. If you have two cats that’s really handy. The side edges are a bit exposed, but can easily be lint rolled. It also folds quite easily. It’s a really nice balance between lightweight and sturdy. Cost and quality wise it appears to be a good deal. Super happy with this purchase.

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