Club Magic by Bert Douglas – Book 1930 – Signed by John Northern Hilliard – Heldman Estate


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Hardback. Fine Condition. (Near Good) Autographed by John Northern Hilliard (1930).

Club Magic is a hardbound book measuring 7 1/2″ tall by 5″ wide. It features 85 pages of text, contents and illustrations which captured popular magic of the time.  The Table of Contents contains approx. 25 effects.  One interesting name that shows its era that is included in this collectible book signed by John Northern Hilliard in 1930, is “Nicotine Necromancy.” Gotta Love It!  

Table of Contents

  • The Magical Attache Case
  • An Alarming Trick
  • The Newspaper Table
  • The Visiting Mason
  • A “Phony” Card Trick
  • The Masonic Apron
  • Necktie Necromancy
  • Expert Card Manipulation
  • The Magic Skipping Rope
  • The Coin Jardinière
  • A Card Trick Without a Card
  • A Comedy Coin Conception
  • Poached Egg on Toast
  • The Repeating Vanishing Cigarette
  • The Note and the Orange
  • An Imaginary Smoke
  • The Card in the Cigar
  • The Magical Tobacconist
  • Nicotine Necromancy
  • A Barrel of Wine
  • The Card Angler
  • The “Miracle” 20-Card Trick
  • The Spirit of Johnny Walker
  • My Ghost Card trick

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