COCA COLA 500 ml BOTTLE – Magic Latex


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Bottle apparently full of coke. 100% latex. Can be totally folded, fitting in very small spaces. Lasts almost forever, more realistic. If you moist it, or spread liquid silicone on it (as it used to clean dashboards or tires of cars) before the show, you´ll must be within a step distance to realize it is not a real bottle.  Essential for stage and parlour magic.

A few possibilities of presentation:

  • Ideal pass-pass game. Playing with two paper bags and a real bottle, you create a magical journey generating unexplainable sensations.
  • You can make it disappear in a paper bag, handkerchief or a sheet of newspaper, crushing everything and leaving the audience completely stunned.
  • You can materialize it from any unusual place..
  • You can just throw it to the audience as a curious and amusing way of selecting your future assistant.

Includes latex bottle with two special long lasting labels. One of these labels is for the latex bottle and the other one for a real bottle, in order to perform the pass-pass game, or some kind of transposition. This could be done, because the two bottles looks identical.

Paper bags are also provided, it means, everything you need to start using the bottle of Magiclatex immediately. Comes with a protective cardboard box.


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