Cockroach Catcher – Brian Watson (DVD w/Props)


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Inspired by The Web (Jim Pace) and Boris The Spider (Ian Pidgeon), The Cockroach Catcher is an entertaining routine with and exquisitely hand made paddle that has a surprise ending! All the props are included together with an instructional DVD. Super Easy to do and highly entertaining! Most of you are already well familiar with the above predesesors,  and that is exactly what you should consider this updated version – because of it’s popularity.  If you are familiar with the previous two, that means they made an impression on you and more then that – they made a huge impression on the people you performed it for.  I know that Jim Pace’s Web was one of the top selling magic effects because it incorporated both magic, fun and that extra “factor” that made it so powerful. Comes with:

  • DVD
  • Custom Made Gimmick
  • All Supplies

The Cockroach Catcher is:

  • Highly Entertaining
  • Easy To Do
  • Self Contained
  • Quick and Easy To Set Up

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