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How many magic tricks lend themselves to a variety of performing situations? Paul Romhany’s CODE BREAKER does JUST THAT! It can be used for close-up, walk-about, trade shows, parlor and stage shows.

The instructions include THREE different routines that Paul uses himself in different performing situations including his stand-up mentalism routine, his ‘comedy bill in lemon’ routine AND a great routine for walk-about.

ROUTINE ONE: A husband and wife are brought onstage. Her finger ring is borrowed and locked on to the special ctyptex word lock which is held by the husband. Magician brings out Dan Brown’s book The Da Vinci Code and has her look at the first word on a chosen page. She is asked to focus on the word and send her thoughts to her husband. Three times she tries to send her word and each time the situation gets funnier as he doesn’t receive it. Finally, the lady tells her husband the word and he then uses it to unlock the secret and get his wife’s ring back.

ROUTINE TWO: A ring is borrowed and locked on to the special lock. Five envelopes are produced, one contains the secret code to open the special word on the lock. After some byplay the last envelope left is the one containing the secret. Again, this routine is tied in with Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and is very topical. Perfect for more intimate close-up and parlor settings in a private home.

ROUTINE THREE: Comedy bill in Orange routine as used by Paul Romhany in his cruise ship act on stage.

WALK-ABOUT ROUTINE: Use your own business cards to unlock the secret. Not only an amazing effect but a great way to hand out your business cards and something the spectators won’t forget.

PLUS a BONUS section with ideas by Nicholas Einhorn, TC Tahoe, Matthew Johnson and Wayne Rogers.

Comes complete with the special lock needed for this routine and updated instructions with Paul’s own versions for close-up, walkabout and stage performances.

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