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This version features the semi-transparent widget or clear puzzle piece that fits through all three geometrical shapes.

We originally sold this “must have”  brainteaser when Auke Van Dokkum turned us on to it.   He made a limited number of these and if your looking for a fun “pastime” or like to collect oddities – this qualifies. Keep in mind this is “not” really a magic trick, however, there are many ways you could use it as a magic effect or presentation piece.

In the product photo you can see the circle is completely filled in with a solid round object. Now comes the teaser part!  Can you imagine one solid object that would be able to fit through all the three shapes (just as you can see in the circle now) and as it passes through the shapes it fully occupies the entire space of each geometric shape? In other words, this one solid object as it passes through each of the shapes, occupies the entire space of each shape, and is just every so slightly enough smaller, so that it can “just pass through” each of the three geometric shapes!

This is something truly unique that will baffle you.   This product is truly unique and as a conceptional or conversational piece worth every penny,  The word puzzle is sometimes used to describe but it’s not really a puzzle in the sense of it being solved, but it truly puzzling.  This piece is limited to one’s imagination regards to how it can be presented.   What you get is a is an aluminum plate that is solid and features 3 distinct geometrical shapes that have been cut out,  such that the negative space makes it easy to clearly see a square, circle and triangle.  You also receive a very unique gimmick.


(A) Parlor mentalism effect whereby the mentalist produces a bag and from the bag removes a solid aluminum plate which is displayed to show three unique geometrical shapes, which have been cutout, a Circle, Triangle, and a Square. The mentalist asks a spectator to think of one of the three unique shapes. In this case, the spectator chooses the circle. The mentalist says that inside the same bag there is one piece that will fit through one of the three shapes. He removes the piece and sure enough it is a solid black block that is circular and passes through the circle. As it passes through it occupies the entire diameter of the circle perfectly. The mentalist then hands the bag to any spectator who confirms that there are no other blocks in the small bag – not a square nor triangle block.

(B) If you perform psychic readings this is absolutely a MUST have. Neal Scryer has been using one for several years. It is the perfect tool or accessory to be used for readers as it can be incorporated with Zenner Cards (Joseph Banks Rhine). From there it is a natural to go into the visual presentation of the complexity of the client’s issue – and even better the visual embodiment of how it needs to be solved. If desired, you could do a full reading just with this unique piece.

(C) Or as the name implies – use your imagination for this most unusual piece. Perfect for illustrating a visual example of the ability to think outside the box. In fact, I would remove this product from a small box if I were going to do a keynote or specific speech about over coming objections and challenges. I would state, we are going to have an exercise on HOW to think outside the box. Then I would remove this item and expose the challenges (using an analogy relative to your situation or the companies’ objectives) explaining that many of us are tasked with objectives that seem on the surface impossible.

For example, what if your boss told you, he needed you to be able to create something that would fit through each one of these three distinctive geographical shapes. Sounds easy right – take a small piece of paper, wad it up in a ball and push it through the square, circle, and triangle! But wait!

Your boss replies, you are not there yet and gives the following conditions. The piece MUST be: 1) Completely solid (not pliable). 2). When it passes through the geometrical shape – it must occupy the entire circumference of each shape. That means it just barely can squeeze through. 3). There is no force or pressure required when passing through any of the three geometrical objects. The FINAL challenge. Your boss informs you that you cannot create/use THREE different pieces. In fact, you must fulfill the challenge using only ONE solid piece for all three shapes.Think about that? How can one solid object (non-pliable, non-flexible) pass through three completely different shapes?

(D) Another exceptionally strong application is to use this product as a visual aid in over-coming objections. The rigidity of the three different geometrical shapes is what really makes this piece so enticing. This would be perfect for keynote speaking of motivational speaking as it could easily be applied to any challenge. Got a keynote BOOM, you can simply alter your presentation and you have something exceptionally powerful that fits in your pocket.

If you are addressing a pharmaceutical company, you can highlight how just when the right vaccine is discovered, (you take the piece and show that is fits perfectly through the triangle as a representation and visual illustration that the vaccine successfully prevents the virus) and you think your home free — but what happens? In time, the virus mutates. Now the vaccine that fit perfectly through the triangular shape is out of the bottle as the virus has mutated.  The team must find a way to once again resolve this. With the Cognitive Facilitator you can visually show that is accomplished by taking the same piece and instead of passing it through the circular geometrical shape, you now take the same piece and pass it through the shape representing the freshly mutated virus – the CIRCLE.  And sure enough – it works!  Only the happiness is tempered because we know what is going to happen again – right?   The virus mutates a 2nd time.  It’s back to the lab with persistence and dedication that pays off as you show once again how your vaccine can also mutate to the point where it is capable of preventing all three mutated and unique viruses with one vaccine (as you express this you are now showing visually how the same piece that early penetrated the triangle and circle is now penetrating the square!).  That is a powerful presentation. Are you starting to understand the power of this unique product?  Product like these lives on the peripheral – they appeal to both magic, mentalism yet have incredible quality of also being powerful facilitators of communication.  If you are looking for something truly unique – your search is over.


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