Coin and Money Magic by Eddie Joseph – Book 1942 – Heldman Estate


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This must be the most “overlooked” coin magic book ever published. The material, by Eddie Joseph, is unusual and original. There are items for both close-up and stage work; sleights, flourishes, and routines. In this illustrated volume you will discover thirty coin vanishes; twelve coin changes; forty-five new moves, tips, and gimmicks; ten combination moves utilizing coins and matches and thirty-seven close-up tricks and routines. This material, available nowhere else, is a potential “goldmine” for the coin worker!

PART ONE: Thirty New Ways of Vanishing a Coin
The Wrist Vanish
The Hurdle Vanish
The Pulsation Vanish
The Backer Vanish
One-Hand Vanish
The Tip of Nose Vanish
Down Below Vanish
The Cuff Throw Vanish
The Strop Vanish
The Sweat Band Vanish
The Envelope Vanish
The Cone Vanish
The Kick Vanish
The Toss Vanish
The Spin Vanish
The Tip Vanish
The Throw Vanish
The Paper Bag Vanish
The Cross Leg Vanish
The Wack Vanish
The Pencil Vanish
The Container Vanish
The Salt Mound Vanish
The Elbow Grease Vanish
The Coat Vanish
The Garter Vanish
The Coverage Vanish
The Heel Vanish
The Four-Corner Vanish
The E. J. Coin Fold
PART TWO: Changes
Joseph’s Slow Motion Invisible Change
Joseph’s Slow Motion Visible Change
The Swing Exchange
The Drop Exchange
The Slide Exchange
The Cover Exchange
The Pencil Exchange
The Penetration Change
The Deliberate Exchange
The Front Palm Exchange
The Band Exchange
The Friction Exchange
PART THREE: New Moves, Tips, and Gimmicks
The Balance Pass
The Clip Pass
Natural Coin Clip
Producing Coins Singly from Palm
Producing Coins Singly from Finger-Palm
Waxing and De-Waxing a Coin
The Flat-Palm Pass
The Cotton Rail
The Coin on the Wall
The Ring Hold-Out
The Getaway
Palming Aide
The Stack Transfer
The Looped Coin
The Hold Back
The Wrist Turn Over
An Idea for Quantity Production
A Dose for the Smart Guy
A Smart Move
The Tie Hold-Out
A Real Fooler for the Magicians
The Hair Gimmick
Something Worth Knowing
The Sleeve Holder
The Coat Holder
The Lapel Holder
The Coin Pick-Up
The Double Revelation
To Make Any Coin Appear Double-Headed
To Make Coin Turn Over in Closed Hand
An Idea for the Front- and Back-Palm
The Single Steal
The Passing Steal
The Kick
One in Many
PART FOUR: Combination Moves of Coins with Matches
The Super-Subtle Secret Introduction
Super-Subtle Secret Extraction
The Secret Pick-Up
The Coin Lurk
Under Cover
The Roofer
The Slide Concealment
Rattling an Empty Box
The Basement Steal
The One Way Rattle
PART FIVE: A Secret and Its Possibilities
The Scotch Coin
In the Office
In a Hotel Lobby
At a Convention
PART SIX: Date Magiology
Date Detection
Dating the Coin
The Date Mystery
The Masked Helper
The Missing Date
Mental Delineation
PART SEVEN: “Close-Up” Tricks
The Wacker
The Monocle Mystery
The Repeat Coin Trick
The Sleeve Bogey
Shoulder Arms
The Big Bite
The Double Bite
Unfair Exchange
The Twister
The Scotchman and the Jew
The Coin Toss
Matching the Coin
Perfect Timing
The Money Changer
The Street of Colon is Paved with Gold
Money is Made to Go
The Colorful Transformation
Sensitive Fingers
Hold On, Brother
The Magnetic Coin
The Eccentric Coin
The Vicious Triangle
The Coins Assembly
Right First Time
How the Devil Does He Do It
Curing a Bad Habit
Good Shootin’
My Hat
Money Sense
The Stolen Money
The Coin in the Cookie
Par Avion
The Purse Swindle
The Coin and the Orange

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