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Coin Can Magic. “A Misers Dream comes to the Modern World.” Display a Tomato Soup Can, giving it a good shake to show nothing inside. Reaching into the air, you produce a coin and toss it into the can.

Clang, the coin lands inside the can. Turn the can over and the coin falls out.ttttttt You smile and drop the coin into a glass.ttttttt Clang and Clang again as you produce more coins and toss them into the can. Two more coins are dropped from the can and into the glass. As many as 12 coins may be produced from your Magic Coin Can. Then for a Finale, you drop out the last coin and use it to tap on the side of the can.

Clink, this Coin Penetrates the Can! Coin Can Magic.

Comes with the, Magic Coin Can (a Real Tomato Soup Can), and the gimmick to appear the first coin. Use your own coins, USA Half Dollar size and any glass.  Contemporary idea’s from G Sparks


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