Brass Divination Casket – US Quarter Size


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I don’t know how they done and did it – but dem boys at AirShip done and did it! They made this absolute MUST HAVE effect in ANY MAGICIAN’s collection – using the most common coin in the US – the Quarter Dollar!  IMPORTANT: Combination Physical Product and Download. 

“I have waited almost 40 years for this to come back!”  No Joke, for years I tried to find someone who could make this, but one after the other they couldn’t do it. The tolerances are so tight and unforgiving. But the problem has been solved and finally we can offer exclusively what I think should be inside every magicians coin tool box.” Joe Stevens

You are supplied with the absolute highest quality turned brass coin casket. A non-gimmicked regular US Quarter Dollar is also included. You do not need anything other than what is provided. In its most basic form, for the purposes of explanation you ask the spectator to open the casket and to place the Quarter either heads or tails on top but wait until your back is turned. They close the lid over the casket! Ask them to concentrate on the coin and immediately you are able to disclose which side off the coin is on top!

Comes with TWO different brilliant methods for divination – allowing you to control which one you execute and really throwing the spectators off the mark.

  • Completely examinable!
  • No Magnets!
  • No sleights!
  • Easy to do!
  • No Electronics.
  • Can be repeated immediately!
  • Casket can be examined!
  • Easy to carry!

IMPOSSIBLE… Yes – but ACTUALLY POSSIBLE because it’s true! A mechanical close-up, self-working miracle. You will marvel and love the secret! A very rare item! Get one while they are now available!

  • Comes complete with bag, precision made coin casket in brass and regular US Quarter Dollar.      Product comes with printed instructions but check out access to them and other value added routines post-purchase via download by viewing your e-mail confirmation.

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