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I consider myself a COIN WORKER and you just sent me a JJ’s Coin Coalition extremely fast! I wanted to let you know “IT IS FRIGGING PHENOMENAL”….IT’S GENIUS! I LOVE IT and I will be performing it tonight at an Outback restaurant that I do table magic. One of the many things that I love about it is that it is performed without needing a table. You tell John that he has done an excellent job with these coins, and it is the Quality type of Magic that STEVENS Magic has a reputation for selling… – Jay Zugai

Incredible Quality at an incredible price!  FIRST COME – FIRST SERVED! We are offering a special on a limited number of these Eisenhower custom crafted coin sets.  If you’re looking for something unique and different you have found them with Coin Coalition. Each set comes with video links where you can watch the tutorial.

With this set you can vanish and reappear coins as well as perform various transpositions.

This is a complete package that will allow you to perform miracles at any given moment. The routines ranges from beginner to advanced and John takes you through step-by-step instructions.

Productions – Vanishes – Transpositions – Coins Jumping from Hand to Hand! Highly Visual Magic that is tried and tested by John himself.

Eisenhower Coins Changes to 1 Yen Coins VISUALLY!


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1 review for Coin Coalition Eisenhower

  1. JONATHAN TODD (verified owner)

    Incredible value. You’d pay three times this price easily from a “name brand” coin maker. This one is ridiculously priced. All the coins fit and finish is top notch. Maybe 100 effects possible with this set. Coin workers buy this up and hope this creator continues to give us more new and innovative effects.

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