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A wonderful coin miracle from the past. Always clever, easy to do and no skill required. I first saw this effect about 50-60 years back and it’s just a powerful today as it was back then. Effect: Magi shows a half dollar coin and then points to an invisible hole in his trouser, jeans or pants. He explains to the audience it’s obvious they can’t see the hole, because if they could – well – it wouldn’t be invisible. He places the coin into the folds of the front of his pants, covers the coin with his hand and upon removing his hand the coin has vanished. Of course the audience assumes the performer is palming the coin, but the magician then clearly opens his hand showing front and back! The coin truly has vanished. Literally in a second, right in front of their eyes. The performer than is sure to prove in fact there is no hole in his pants.

While it is crafted specifically for a half-dollar, it could be possible to use other coins as well.  The coin or coins used are not gimmicked.

Of course while this can be performed as a stand-alone effect, as any performer knows, it’s much better to be added into a coin routine and used possibly as a finale. The best part – no skill required. The gimmick is hand made from various materials including molded brass metals.

This is a great utility item that should be in every close-up magicians tool box.  The timing of the above effect, which ideally as stated above should be incorporated with or “in-addition” other coin effects is probably best suited (with respect to timing) as a “finale!”

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