Coin Purse Medium – Pressure Release (Onosaka)


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This a little larger sized coin purse compared to the small or standard purse that was sold from Ton Onosaka yet features the same pressure release. To see all the other Onosaka purses, type purses in our search engine. Ton Onosaka is one of the most humble and truly magical person’s in magic! He is also known as one of magic’s greatest creative thinkers and craftsman of fine products. When it comes to coin purses – there are none better then the Onosaka coin purses.

Don’t be fooled by knock-offs. Don’t take our word for it – ask working pro’s. They are just the right size for carrying those few special coins you always want in your pocket. They are constructed of the finest and softest leather as only Ton Onosaka can make. The coin purses now come in three sizes, inventories subject to limited availability. You won’t regret the purchase and will be spoiled with nothing less in the future.

Note: Copyrighted images from Andy Martin, used with permission from

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