Coin Svengali Envelopes – Svenlopes for Coins


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Note: This is a combination Physical and Download Product. The instructional PDF will be available to you immediately post purchase.  Go to your e-mail confirmation of your order and you will see where you can download the 91 page tutorial!  An incredible amount of detail and instructional.

A New Force In Magic. Svengali Envelopes. Coin Envelopes in POKER size. This pack of 25 envelopes contains 12 force envelopes and 13 regular envelopes.

Sven Lee was nice enough to send me a couple sets of his SVENLOPES. First, the quality of these envelopes are top notch. They are made out of heavy paper ensuring they are opaque no matter what color you choose. They are perfectly made with absolutely no flaws which ensures they will look right and operate perfectly. The use of the Svengali principle with envelopes can be a very strong tool. As Sven points out, not only can you use playing cards, cards with names on them, pieces of folded paper, but also actual objects such as coins, tickets and other small items. This is a great utility tool that you should certainly have at your disposal. One of the nicest features is you can use the same envelopes for different forces by just changing out the contents. After handling these for awhile, I can see they will last a long time, but I would still recommend you purchase a number of sets. I have no doubt you will find so many uses for this utility prop that you will want multiple sets. I give this product a very high recommendation!”Richard Osterlind

“An idea whose time has come. The right head and right hand can create outstanding effects. Real food for thought!!! Mind bending” Marc Salem

“I like the quality and the idea is really interesting. This can be a great tool. I am sure this is something I will use.” Luca Volpe

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