Coin Thru Bill Exponential Morgan – Jurney


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Morgan Replica. Not applicable with any coupon – Not Discountable.

Incredible price coupled with incredible quality topped off by something truly unique and amazing! We have NEVER seen a gaff like this before.  This is a custom MORGAN REPLICA crafted coin made by hand by John Jurney.  We are excited to be working with John again exclusively… NO QUESTION this will be a TOP Seller at Stevens Magic for a long time to come.

Previous versions have never pushed the barriers that this product has.  You can actually show the coin on “both” sides of the bill!  There is no way to dispute that the coin has visually penetrated the bill, equally there is no way to dispute that when handed out at the end of the performance the bill is fully intact!

NOTE: Features TWO Morgan high quality replica Coins (on gimmicked and one regular), that look and feel so real it will even fool you!



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