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Mikame and Mark Stevens Nagowa Japan

Mikame & Mark Stevens, Nagoya – Early 2000’s

Quite an interesting ride…  Stevens Magic was the first dealer to exclusively sell Mikame products in the US.  This went on for several years with us meeting with Mikame in Japan every few years.  Then he warehoused up, purchased larger space and starting kicking out product in volume and in doing so, expanded his distribution.  For years we ended up purchasing from distrubutors instead of Mikame directly to offset the incredibly high cost of international shipping.   Soon, everyone was selling Mikame producuts. To his credit he had high quality apparatus and improved the replications he crafted.  It was unfortunate that he did not pay respects to previous creators and crafters of the replica’s that he choose to make.  Perhaps his mindset was just geared into manufacturing…   If he would have done so, there is no doubt his legacy would be stronger.  Yet, now we have come full-circle.   While I’m told his operation was purchased and they are making some products.  This product along with about 17 others we just posted 01/27/2020, are (at least for now), the last of the batch of his run of original products – in brand new condition.   Funny when you stick around long enough what you see.

Classic Magic with the Mikame Craft Extra Touch of Class. Almost 45 years have passed since coin tubes of this type appeared on the market. Mikame has altered the design and dimensions to produce this high quality tube in aluminum like the early tubes. Mikame’s Coin Tube Deluxe is a highly sought out close-up marvel.

Hundreds of routines are possible now with Mikames mofications. A borrowed dollar bill placed in between the top and bottom of the Coin Tube. Drop three coins into the top Tube and the magic begins! The coin penetrates the dollar bill dropping from the inside of the bottom Tube!
Pour out the two remaining coins from the top (no funny moves). Drop these two coins are into the tube, give the Tube a little shake and another coin drops out the bottom. This final coin is made to PENETRATE through the bill and falls out the bottom! Separate the Tube all can be examined!

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