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Coin Unique is sort of a moprh between “Scotch & Soda” and a “Butterfly Flipper Coin” – yet uses a completely different technique.  Additional Ad Copy, images and videos used with permission from 

Important History:  Robert Swadling is the Inventor of the coin referred to as Coin Unique.   It was first done with a Half a Crown and an English Penny and Ed Mishell in Genii, gave it 4 stars. It was called “The Magnetic Locking Coin,” and was was sold through Harry Stanley, Unique Magic Company, London, England.   Robert was the first person to make magnetic coins, via “Swadling Swindle“.  Robert stated it was a natural progression to The Magnetic Locking.   In 1978 Robert had to accept a job in Switzerland for two years and during this time, Eddie Gibson ripped off most of Bob’s coin lines.


Coin Unique is/was one of the first coin effects I remember that incorporated neodymium magnets instead of what was traditionally used (and in fairness with good results), precision milled friction locking coins.  The downside of friction locking coins was – the need for the Bang Ring!  Making it less than optimal for reload and resetting.  The original Coin Unique, as good as the product was, when it was first introduced, the magnets at that time were not as strong. So there was always the worry after the coin was nested of it falling out. Worry No More! This updated model from Sterling Coins features a super charged magnet that is at least 4X Stronger than previous models. So when it nests – it’s locked! Yet still easy to seperate with the appropriate force and technique required when you are ready to reset (using just your hands nothing else).  Or if desired there is a very easy way to reset but SHHHHH!  It’s a secret too!

Coin Unique is sort of a moprh between “Scotch & Soda” and a “Butterfly Flipper Coin” – yet uses a completely different technique. The great thing about it is that it can be performed with out any slight of hand work or misdirection. It is a completely self-contained, precision machined custom coin featuring super strong neodymium dual magnets. The effects you can perform really are limited to your imagination. For example, you could perform variations of both Scotch and Soda and Flipper Coin routines. You can place the half and quarter on a plate (Perfect for TV), and have the camera catch the two coins, cover the plate with a cloth, magically make a pass and when the cloth is removed the quarter has VANISHED! All that remains is the Half Dollar.

There is so much you can do. Our resident coin expert Travis Higgs comnbined this effect with Roller COASTER (Hanson Chien) – See Bottom of Page and also check out the video that shows the perfect visual for synergy and creative thinking! Whether you perform this effect individually or combine it with another – one thing is for sure – you will produce powerful magic with Coin Unique.

Taken From Martin’s Magic Website: With permission from Andy Martin –

One of the greatest single coin gimmicks ever created and my longtime favorite. With this precision made apparatus you can do many effects and here are just a couple:

Effect: Drop a genuine, new half dollar and a quarter in a handkerchief. Pick up the four corners of the silk — and although your spectator just saw the two coins plainly in the hank, without any sleights you pick off the quarter from the outside of the bottom of the handkerchief. The silk is opened and it contains only the half dollar. This is coin workmanship at its best and is all self-contained. All the necessary coins to do the miracle.

Effect: Two coins are shown, a quarter and a half-dollar coin, and any ordinary glass tumbler. The glass is held in a horizontal position, parallel to the body, with the base of the glass pointing away from the body. In actual fact, the hand is around the glass, the fingers curled over the top with the thumb below and more towards the base of the glass than the mouth.

First the quarter, then the half-dollar coin, are placed in the glass so that the larger coin slightly overlaps the smaller coin. Both coins are placed as near to the mouth of the glass as possible. All set. The glass is tilted to an upright position, mouth uppermost, and both the coins slide and hit the bottom of the glass. Then an amazing thing happens. It appears that one of the coins somehow penetrates the bottom of the glass and falls out onto the table. The remaining coin is tipped from the glass and tossed into the air, proving that nothing remains in the glass, which can be passed round for examination.

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