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Bill Trotter MagicExcellent Condition

Ad Copy/Content provided with permission from Andy Martin 

Confirmation: Images show are of the actual unit. 

EFFECT: The box with this effect is in the Art Deco style of design. The interior of the box has two oblong recesses cut into the natural wood insert: one of these recesses contains an open-ended wooden cover, the other, five coins – four small silver coins and a slightly larger copper coin. The performer removes all of these coins and the cover from the box and then closes the lid.

Taking up the cover, the performer places a finger over one end of it to keep the coins imprisoned within it as he slides the coins, one at a time, into it – first, two of the silver coins, then the copper coin followed by the last two silver coins. The cover is then given to a spectator to hold with instructions to keep a finger over each end of it so that none of the coins can escape.

Attention is drawn to the decoration on top of the cover which is actually another of the silver coins. The performer states that it is impossible for the copper coin to remain inside the cover with the silver coins because it is an alien coin and in fact, it has already disappeared. The spectator is asked to tip out the coins and to his amazement, he finds that only the four silver coins slide out – THERE IS NO SIGN OF THE COPPER COIN!

‘People often speculate about where the copper coin has gone,’ remarks the performer, ‘but there is only one logical place for it to go.’ The performer opens the box again to reveal THE COPPER COIN BACK IN ITS ORIGINAL POSITION IN THE COIN RECESS!

COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC: The vanish and reappearance of the copper coin is brought about by two pieces of cleverly designed apparatus which work automatically. THE COIN VANISHES WHILE THE SPECTATOR IS HOLDING THE COVER IN HIS OWN HANDS, and the reappearance of the coin is brought about by simply closing the box.


  • The beautifully handcrafted teak box containing the apparatus measures 5″ x 3.8″ x 1″ or  13 x 9.5 x 3 cms approx. and is tastefully decorated with inlays.
  • The lid of the box features a wood-fretted design in relief.
  • Attractive brass hinges and catch give a pleasing added finish to the box.
  • All the coins necessary to perform the effect.

The apparatus comes complete with Alan Warner Routine.

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