Coin/Ring In Light Bulb (Vanni Bossi)


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Vanni was one of magic’s most creative thinkers and performers! You will love performing his original version of Coin/Ring in Light Bulb. One of Vanni’s most brilliant creations! The performer shows an ordinary clear light bulb and then borrows a coin or a ring.

He taps the coin on the side of the bulb a couple of times and then it disappears! No, it hasn’t disappeared, it has passed through the glass and is trapped inside the lightbulb. The performer shakes the bulb and the coin is seen rattling around inside the bulb.

As he shakes the bulb some more, the coin falls out of the bulb which is immediately passed out for examination. Comes complete with an ordinary clear light bulb and that extra special gimmick. Simple. Invisible. Enlightening!!! A terrific close-up effect.

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