Cointum Tunneling by Kreis Magic

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We first met Kreis in Nagoya in the Summer of 2003, while attending the UGM – Magic Seminar. I got a chance to see some of his coin work and was very impressed. At that time, he wasn’t producing much commercial magic – but that sure changed. Now many of you are well familiar with his work. He has meticulous attention to refined details and has become a very respected craftsman and creator. We still see Kreis when we travel the convention circuit and he recently showed us his latest creation. We like it for many reasons, first and foremost the effect is strong and the utility is exceptionally defective. But what we also really liked was the price-point! Many of you are looking for a fun to perform effect that is high on impact, but soft on the wallet. While the video shows one effect, left to one’s imagination you will find many uses for this item, and that is why we at Stevens Magic Emporium call it a “utility” instead of just a trick.

Effect: The magician shows a clear small container and takes off the lid. There is a coin inside. He picks it up and screws the lid onto the container. He then slams the lid with the coin. As a result, the coin immediately penetrates into the container. You can give it to a spectator to take out the coin from the container.

Notes: Does “not” come with coins – you can use any coins. This is a “good thing” as it allows you to use not only your own countries coinage, but also the type you wish as well.

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