Collapsible Sword


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While not new, we were especially impressed with the quality of this particular version. It’s much better constructed than ones we have seen in the past. This 37-inch long sword features a 29-inch blade. The handle is constructed of heavy die cast metal (not aluminum) with two 16-inch red tassels. Also has a hard plastic tip cover and vinyl carrying case for closed sword.

Perform the familiar sword swallowing routine. A sure-fire way to get “oohs” and “aahs” and send your mother into a tailspin. You can also produce the sword as a climax to a production routine or an attention grabber during your performance.

The silver color will reflect the stage lighting for a highly visual effect. COLOR MAY VARY FOR THE HILT.

“If you need a collapsible sword, don’t miss this opportunity to get the best quality telescoping sword I’ve ever seen.” –Mark Stevens

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