Collected Works Of Masuda (Performance DVD)


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Unquestionably one of magic’s most innovative creators and performers – this is the first time ever Masuda has been featured in DVD format performing many of his reputation winning effects (many of which are also available at Stevens Magic).  For those of you familiar with Masuda’s work, we don’t have to sale you on this DVD.  For those that are not familiar we strongly suggest you learn about this fantastic performer by purchasing, “The Collected Works of Masuda.” The 14 effects featured on this DVD are absolutely MIND-BLOWING! 

Included on this DVD are the following effects:   • Two Card Mystery • Don’t Cry For The Star • The Blade • X-ZONE • F.B.H. (Five Black Holes) • Dramatic Envelope • Visual Transformation  • Awatenai ! Awatenai ! • Blink Duplication • Boxing Match – Card Effect  • Useless Resist stance  • Frozen In Time  • Mystery Hole.  • Ambelitious Card – Masuda’s most recent (as of this printing) effect. This item featured on our video links page.

This DVD has both English and Japanese Menus – however -the audio is only in Japanese.  None-the-less, don’t let it deter you – you will not find more powerful magic and creative genius anywhere!   

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