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Colorama – An original effect created by “Chop-Chop” (Al Wheatley).  Color-A-Rama. Three colored balls, sit on a numbered stand. A spectator mentally chooses one ball and, while the performer’s back is turned, silently changes the places of the other two balls. Now the performer asks the spectator to exchange any two balls, and to call out their numbers. This is repeated any number of times.

When finished, the performer turns around and immediately discloses the color of the ball mentally selected by the spectator! IMPOSSIBLE, yet true!

  • No sleights!
  • No confederates!
  • No gimmicks! No electronics!
  • No Magnets!

An old principle dressed up in a most colorful way. An effect that you will so enjoy performing! 1-inch red, yellow (yellow) and black balls on 5″ long by 1.5″ wide hardwood stand. Limited quantities. Made exclusive for us by Louis Gaynor.

Also available Color A Rama in Regular Size – CLICK HERE!  Colorarama

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