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Judge Joe Stevens Presides 1st SME Auction

Judge Joe Stevens Presides 1st SME Auction

The Okito Color-Changing Candle. Crafted by Carl Williams, (Okito-Williams) of Pasadena, CA. Effect: A white candle instantly, visibly, and without cover, changes to red while sitting in a tall metal candlestick. Estimated number made is 30 units. Misc. Stats: 17″ high. Hallmarked.

This is a beautiful piece that is classic and timeless.  Carl unquestionably was a remarkable craftsman.  We worked with Carl for over 20 years in conjunction with Doc. Albo selling Carl’s pieces exclusively through our Triad alliance which was a great team.

We lost Carl I think in 2017. I sure miss him, as we had a lot of fun creating great pieces of apparatus not to mention the fun he and I would have when we were lucky enough to get together, usually in Las Vega at the Desert Magic Seminar’s.  Carl and I would tease each other and make all finds of fun bets on who would buy the beer. – Joe Stevens 

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