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Andre Refberg’s has produced a fabulous contemporary revival of a Supreme Magic classic (created by Ian Adair). Another nugget of magic created by and with permission from one of the arts most prolific creators – Ian Adair!

Rest Assured it’s everything you would expect when it comes to quality – crafted by Andre Refberg! Highly recommended and another SME Exclusive!

Ian Adair without question remains one of the most prolific creatives in the art of magic.  This effect pays homage to his genius and Stevens Magic Emporium is honored to have been granted Ian’s authorization and blessing to sell this this modern version of his classic “Bunny to Clown” – that Ian introduced during his time at Supreme Magic.

Ian Adair

Ian Adair Magic Creative

Ian recently shared with us a little history: ‘Hello Joe and Mark. Ah, I well remember the morning I showed Edwin Hooper a prototype model of the Bunny-Clown prop. He liked it! We had 100 manufactured and I think we had another batch later on…but that was a long time ago… It’s been out of stock now for quite some time. I commend your respect to the art and integrity to its creators. Some dealers copy items or distribute them and don’t add the originator’s name – Sad! You have my permission to market this updated version. – Ian Adair

The “sucker effect!”  For those who know what that means, you arleady know when it comes getting the crowd riled up – there is no better method.  Its a beautiful psychological tool in that you sucker them in, and play it for all it’s worth and then just when the crucial moment comes… When you know that you have milked every second of the kids anticipation and frustration by making them “THINK” they know how the magic works!  BOOM! The incredible, unexplainable, yet absolutley definitive finale where you show what they thought wasn’t right!

Effect: The magician introduces his magical rabbit, by picking up the hat and removing the white rabbit completely. This magical rabbit shares a unique ability usually reserved to geckos in the rain forest in that he can magically change his color! There is only one problem—my magical rabbit gets very nervous in front of a large crowd. He can only change his color if no one is watching him. You put the rabbit back in the hat and pass it around your back and to the front again. Amazingly, the rabbit has changed its color to green.

However, the audience doesn’t seem too impressed. So you repeat the color change behind your back, and sure enough it changes color again. At this point, some of the children start whispering to each other, doubting the magic. Someone yells out…“turn around.” You should be close to a mutiny with respect to the screams, yells and even audience members attempting to crash the stage.

You ask point bank… “What would you like me to do?” They shout back—turn the hat around! You start to oblige but state upon doing so the problem is that there is a little mischievous Genie that loves to make rabbits vanish. You turn the hat around. A Genie is now inside the hat, proving the rabbit has vanished!

  • Great quality construction in materials and craftsmanship!
  • Brilliant color contrast!
  • Modern contemporary design!
  • Uses a surefire gimmick we have never seen used like this!
  • Built to last!
  • Built by a magician for magicians!
  • Probably the smallest thing in your show – yet equally probably the strongest in terms of impact!

Features a slide out swivel base, that allows for maximum security during performance, yet easily swivels back into the base for safe and easy transport hence the benefit of packing flat. This product has been exceptionally well thought out from all apsects.  Sincerely, we can’t think of reason why any children’s performer wouldn’t want this product.  Uses a surefire gimmick we have never seen used like this!

Approximate dimensions: Top Hat 8.25 inches high by 7.5inches wide. Rabbit and Genie 10.5 inches high. Constructed from heavy-duty plastic and wood.

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